Aeropress Coffee Maker & Stainless Steel Filter

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The Aerobie AeroPress simply put makes Smooth, Rich, Pure & Fast Coffee anywhere, There really isn’t an easier, faster or more delicious way to get barista style coffee anywhere you go! Aeropress heightens the sweetness and body in each cup.

The light weight, easy to clean design has also made this everyday coffee maker known for its use while travelling ensuring you always have a crisp cup wherever you are. Take it camping, boating, hiking, travelling and the AeroPress performs in its element while still remaining a functional everyday home and office coffee maker.

Brief Instructions:

  • place a filter in the Filter Cap and rinse with water

  • add 16g of ground coffee, medium grind.

  • fill to the desired level with hot water

  • stir and plunge in to your travel cup.

  • enjoy!


  • 1 x AeroPress Coffee maker

    • Chamber

    • Plunger

    • Filter Cap

    • Paddle

    • Scoop

  • 1 x 350 Micro Filters for AeroPress 

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Filter Disk