About Us

What events throughout history defines Australia? ANZAC Day is first to mind being one that all Australians hold dear. Next would be Australia Day, considered our nations birthday when the first fleet arrived at NSW in 1788. But the story of the 162,000 Convicts sent over a hundred years and had to overcome extreme adversity is one that all Australians can relate to and have a warm place for their heart.

The Broad Arrow is the symbol that was branded on convicts and their clothing meaning “Property of the crown”. The founder and team at Convict Coffee Co were not Convicts, but with decades between them of time served in the Australian Defence Force, they most certainly were property of the crown. Ben Buckler in North Bondi was a Convict that escaped captivity and lived in a cave by the beach with the local aboriginal people. Our company founder was inspired living here and decided on the name “Convict Coffee Co”.

Life as a convict was grueling and thankless with long days running on poor nutrition. So now we honor them with a premium quality coffee enhanced with supplements for the modern convicts that tough out long days to get the job done. Enhanced coffee enhanced you.

Convict Coffee Co currently employs Australian Defence Force veterans. It is our goal to maintain all veteran staff that have been unable to continue serving due to physical or mental medical reasons.